How long does the clay take to dry?

Depending on the thickness of your creation the clay can take 24 hours - 3 days to dry. You will be able to see and feel it dry out. Only once it is dry can you paint it. Try to avoid speeding up the drying process as this can lead to cracking.

Will my piece be waterproof?

On its own, your creation will not be waterproof. However, with a few layers PVA glue it may be water resistant. It would be advisable to keep any plants in their plastic pots and water them separately to avoid the pot getting damp. Alternatively, you could display dried flowers which can look very effective.

How do I know what tool to use?

Inside the pack will be an ideas leaflet. This will also list all the tools and their uses to help you decide the best tool for the job.

How long can I expect to be making?

Typically people using our packs spend between 1-2 hours making their creations. Obviously you can spend as much or as little as you like. The pack, tools and clay are all yours.

How long can I keep the clay before using it?

If kept sealed in a cool environment, the clay can last 3-6months. Beyond this the clay may become unworkable.

How many pieces can I make?

This all depends on the size of each piece, but you could make at least 4 reasonably sized creations with the clay provided. If you should require more clay, we do have an option for buying additional clay. 

Can I reuse the clay once I've opened the bag?

Once you've opened the bag, you must reseal it immediately to ensure there is limited contact with the air. This will allow you to come back to the clay another day.

Does the clay need firing?

No, the clay provided is an air-drying clay and contains fibres to strengthen it once dry. 

Can I eat or drink from my piece?

No. This clay is not food safe, even with varnish.

Do I need anything else?

The pack contains everything you need to create something special. However, if you would like to add extra textures, such as leaf veins or lace for example, or cut out certain shapes then feel free to source these separately. Cookie cutters are great for making specific shapes.

How long does it take to receive?

Please allow approximately 5 working days to receive you pack.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us and we will endevor to get back to you as soon as possible.

How do I get a pack?