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Why I Clay

I hadn't intended to get in to clay when I first started my course at Plymouth University. I wanted to work with wood. But somehow I was pulled in clay. Once I'd done my first project in the ceramics department, that was it. I'm not sure whether it was the peaceful environment with no machines, the fact the material is so forgiving or it was the pure enjoyment of finishing a day covered in plaster or slip or clay dust, but I was transfixed.

It was so easy to loose a day in the department often leaving late and popping to Wetherspoons covered in muck for my dinner - I loved it. So I was very lucky, when I moved home after graduating with my 1st class degree (whoop whoop), I could set up my very own workshop at Lower Way Farm, Thatcham.

It was here that I developed and played with different techniques and finishes and eventually agreed to hosting workshops in the Pineapple Palace shop and cafe on site. I loved it. Being able to share my passion and be creative with other people of all abilities was great fun.

Whilst here, I had a few different jobs to help support the ceramics. One was working at Newbury College. It was here that I studied teaching and taught a Creative Clay class once a week. However, it was the role that sent me out to Care Homes and Centres that gave me most fulfilment.

Since then I have had two beautiful children, suffice to say it has given me some reflection time and due to Covid, some time away from the workshops. This has allowed me to bring together all my experience from my different roles and realise where my passion lies.

I am very excited to be starting this new venture of Muddy Pig Pottery and hope to spread the love for clay and all it's potential.

Lets Play Like a Pig in Clay

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